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Apply Now for ACG Internship Commencing July 5

The ACG Internship Program is a 6-month program and requires a significant commitment of time. Participation requires 100% attendance during the entire program and may on occasion require mandatory weekend and/or evening work. Phase I (from July 5 through September 30) will be an unpaid internship. Candidates successfully completing Phase I may be selected to advance to Phase II (October 1 through December 31, 2010) and will execute a three-month contract with ACG, which includes a monthly stipend of up to $3,000 per month depending on experience and education. Candidate will be informed prior to Phase I commencement of the anticipated monthly stipend amount in Phase II.

As part of this internship program, the candidate will receive ACG’s Argus Boot Camp program and several other training programs. All training programs will be given without fee to the intern.

For more information, send your resume to

The Obama Impact: New Analyst Jobs in Atlanta

Perhaps last week’s elections are already providing a higher confidence level in the markets. Just this week two new orders for analysts have arrived! Better yet, these analyst jobs are with leading commercial real estate firms. Although this optimism should not be overstated, it is cause for some celebration given the limited number of analyst jobs that have been available in Atlanta over the past couple of years.

Take a look at the job descriptions on our website and email us your resume if you are interested and qualified for these positions.

One employee’s story

An employee of mine was trying to get started in the real estate industry with no experience (as do all of us at one point in time). He desperately wanted to break into the market and came to me with hunger and determination in his eyes and applied for our internship. I took one look at him and his resume…and sent him packing. But the little guy wouldn’t go away, he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He asked me what he need to do in order to get the internship. I told him to read William Brueggeman (see suggested reading posts) and learn Argus. Sure enough, the next week he walked into our 1-day training course for Argus with the textbook in tow. My trainer identified him as having excellent analytical training and to reconsider my application. So…we did. The irony of it all is now he is the head trainer, teaching all over the country to MBA students and our clients. You never know how your efforts are going to reflect your character. Always put 100% of yourself forward and good things will happen.