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Things Heating Up

Finally the long wait appears to be over! We are fielding more calls now than we have in the past 3 years and the variety of work we are being asked to do has expanded as well. ACG is gearing up to hire full-time staff over the next quarter or two and is looking to fill several full-time analyst positions in Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia. If you have 1-3 years of practical experience and good Argus/Excel skills, send us your resume at We might be able to place you with one of our superb clients!

Take What You Can Get…If You Have To

In today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, there is an article that states that “with a surplus of talented, experienced professionals flooding the job market, some career counselors are giving the advice they have never given before: Take What You Can Get.”

Based upon the fact that more than 160 people recently applied for our three-month, unpaid internship (we landed two awesome candidates by the way who will surely leverage this opportunity to gain a better position in the market post-internship), in some ways I do agree with this assessment. However, it is important to take a position with the type of company who will augment your resume. In fact, I would suggest that it is better to work for free (as an intern) for a company who will expand your skill set then to accept a paid position with a company who might not have as good a reputation or who is not in the industry in which you ultimately wish to work. If you can afford to work as an unpaid intern or to accept a job that pays less (even substantially) than your prior jobs, do it. The market will return, eventually, in the favor of candidates and you will then be in an enviable position to leapfrog over others who chased the short-term job that paid better.