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Temp Argus Analysts Needed

We are seeking up to 8 Argus analysts in DC, NY, Dallas and Boston for a 3-4 week engagement. This is a temporary placement opportunity and not an assignment that would be controlled by ACG. Pay is $40-60 per hour depending on the proficiency of Argus experience (must have very high Argus skills and pass ACG’s Argus test).

If you are interested or know of somebody who is interested, please send resumes to

What if you can’t work for free?

A valid question was posed in the comments from the last post. What if economics dictate that you can’t afford to work for free as an intern and need to take an interim job outside of the industry to pay your bills? How do you keep your skills sharp to ensure you can get back on track when things turn around in the market? A few ideas might include:

  • Network more than ever.
  • Don’t lose touch with the connections that can get you back into the game.
  • Consider doing both – in the current market, many people are working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet.
  • Can one be an intern AND perform contract work simultaneously?
  • Read our blog!
  • Continue to learn new skills.
  • The web has a wealth of free training resources for using Excel or other software. Even if you don’t have access to Argus, there are ancillary analytical skills that you can continue to improve economically.

Excel Tips: Good Website

Check out It has some excellent tips in building Excel models and has been very useful to me recently on some spreadsheets we have developed.

Companies Post Bogus Job Ads

Over the past couple of months I have been trying to place a couple of analysts. I have found that several companies are posting ads online but in fact are not actually hiring folks or it is taking many many months to make a decision. Although it is entirely possible that there was an initial intent on hiring somebody at one time and the market has simply not warranted such a hiring today, companies should do a better job updating their own websites and their job postings to ensure that they are not misleading candidates. Perhaps companies want the “perception” that they are bucking the industry trend and are actually expanding. From where I sit, however, it frustrates candidates to send resumes in direct response to job opportunities and never to hear a response back from the company. Isn’t it hard enough to search for a job full-time without the false promise that some jobs don’t even exist?