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Resume Tip: Making Yourself Seem Less Experienced

I have heard from several candidates that they are applying for jobs that are more junior than they really want; however, they have to pay the bills and don’t mind taking a step or two backwards in the short term. The key to this is to make sure that the prospective employer does not interpret your interest in the position as “settling for less.” One candidate I interviewed last week used a title “Junior Asset Manager” under her last job. I never heard of such a job and asked her about it. She told me that she made up the description because she was actually an “Asset Manager” but did not want to seem too qualified for a job, thus downplaying her experience. My how the market has changed! I advised her to change her resume to reflect the real position that she had and to make sure that any employer realizes the advantages of hiring her with her current level of experience. I am not a fan of diminishing your experience level. Speak of your background fairly and you will land a job that will surely last longer than if you deceive.