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Looking for An Analyst? ACG Has 1,000 Resumes

Last week I receivedĀ our 1,000th resume from people in Atlanta looking for an analyst-level position! Many of these people have very strong Excel and Argus skills with 3+ years of related industry experience. If you are seeking an analyst or senior analyst for your company and are looking to fill this position with a $50-70K salary slot, give me a call at 404-653-0049.

Ask the Right Questions

Anytime you are interviewing for a job, you will surely be asked if you have any questions. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that you have researched the company and the job responsibilities. Don’t answer “no, not at this time” or “when do you expect to make a decision.” Instead, I have a couple of recommended questions for you: (1) “Where do you see my growth in your company in three, four and five years?” This question alludes to the fact that you fully expect to be with the company for the long term and that you want to understand better your career path; (2) “Given my expertise in _________ and _________, how can I add value to the company in areas outside of the direct responsibilities outlined in your job description?” This question implies that you want to contribute to the long-term success of the company and reiterates the value proposition of hiring you.