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Job Hunting Tip #5: First Impressions are Important

Although making a good first impression is always important, it is critical if you want to land a position in today’s soft job market. Generally common sense governs what you should or should not do; however, let me give you a few reminders:

  1. Don’t arrive late to an interview! We had one candidate who showed up almost 30 minutes late to a scheduled interview. When they finally made it to our lobby, we told him to go home. Ten minutes early equals on-time….thirty minutes early is sending a message that you don’t respect the employer’s time at all.
  2. Practice your firm handshake. Grabbing fingertips is not advised!
  3. Stay away from the garlic. No amount of mouth wash is going to mask your bad breath…and do not chew gum in the interview.
  4. Sit up and at the edge of your seat. Save the crossing of your legs or leaning back on the chair for when you have your family over for dinner.
  5. Retain good eye contact. Staring at the floor or the interviewer’s body parts is not advised.
  6. Pause a second before answering questions. This gives the interviewer the feeling that you are thoughtful and intelligent.
  7. Bring a copy of your resume. Although you sent the interviewer a copy of your resume already, you might have an ad hoc meeting with others in the office. Providing them with a copy of your resume demonstrates thoughtful consideration on your part.
  8. Come prepared with well articulated questions. Overwhelmingly interviewers will ask you if you have any questions. If your response is “not at this time” or “you have answered everything” then you are demonstrating that you are not prepared for the interview.
  9. Don’t talk about compensation. Ultimately you will need to do this and it is best that if a recruiter has served as an intermediary that you leverage off of that recruiter to negotiate financial terms on your behalf. Talking money right away is a bad idea.
  10. Never talk badly about your current or any previous employer. As bad as you feel you might have been treated in the past, nobody likes negativity. If you talk poorly about prior employers, what you will say about your employer after you leave the job for which you are applying?

Did You Know? Argus Tips & Tricks

Did you know that components entered in Market Leasing Assumptions overrides are not weighted based upon the renewal probability? Any weighting or blending must be manually calculated prior to entering the figures into Argus.

Job Hunting Tip #4: Watch Out for those Cut and Paste Cover Letters

I received a cover letter last week that included three different fonts (sizes and types). It was quite evident that that candidate had cut and paste from several other cover letters to respond to my job posting. It was ridiculous that the candidate did not even bother reformatting the text. Additionally, the cover letter accidentally referred to the job as “an analyst position working in the manufacturing industry” as his dream job.

I don’t personally like to receive cover letters as I generally can ascertain immediately from a resume whether or not somebody has the skill set to perform the job that I am looking to fill. The one example of when cover letters do help is when the candidate who is applying for the position has been referred by a close friend or business associate of mine. Otherwise, I believe that cover letters can do more harm than good.

Excel 2010 Preview

The newest version of “new” Excel (i.e., Excel 2007 which introduced the Ribbon) is in previews now as Excel 2010. Since Microsoft won’t be taking us back to “old” Excel, here’s a look at the latest version in a great article by David Ringstrom (Accounting Advisors).

One Spot Remaining in ACG’s Argus Week-Long Boot Camp

We have just one spot left in our week-long Argus Boot Camp program commencing August 19! For anybody who is looking to break into the industry, there is no better way to get up to speed on Argus than this program. Just read what others have said about our program:

“The Argus training offered by ACG is an absolute essential for our people, and we have insisted upon it for anyone we have hired here at Brookdale. As for the Boot Camp, both of my sons have survived it, and while I’m not sure they were crazy about the hours, the skills and proficiency they now have with Argus as a result of having gone through it have proven to be invaluable to them.”

—Chip Davidson Chairman and CEO, The Brookdale Group

“ACG’s Argus Training provides in-depth and practical training that can be immediately put to use on the job. The instructors are skilled in numerous complex techniques that can be learned to greatly enhance the accuracy of Argus models and applied to most asset types.”

—Woody Rupp American Realty Advisors Associate – Investment Group

Call Todd Zeldin today at 404-653-0049 if you are interested in this program. Given that we have 6 Argus analyst positions right now, this could be your ticket to an excellently paid position and a new career!