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Job Hunting Tip #10: The Name of your College is Important

I received a resume this weekend from a candidate who listed on his resume that he had received BA in Business Administration / Accounting. Omitting the year he received his degree is not a good idea but something that we have seen with candidates who try to hide how old they are, although employers will find out other ways and hiding the year one graduated actually emphasizes the fact that you are concerned about that issue.

The one item that shocked me about this candidate is that he omitted the name of his undergraduate school! That is a first. I was thinking about what school he might have attended whereby he would be so embarrassed about documenting it on his resume.

For me, I have recruited fantastic analysts from very average schools (provided that the candidates graduated in the top of their class). The school is far less important than how well one did in school.

All I can say is that if you are embarrassed about the school you attended to the point that you omit it from your resume then you probably should not be applying for that job in the first place.