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Argus Analyst Tip 6

Sometimes beginning users of Argus forget what is required for an input in Argus. If you find yourself in that position, check out the Hints at the bottom of the window. This can be a life saver if you should have entered a $/SF value instead of a $ amount value or something like that.

What Not to Wear

What is the most embarrassing “clothing mishap” you have ever had? Being red-green color blind, I am quite sure that I have unknowingly dressed in unusual combinations, although my garanimals really help to avoid such situations. I remember returning from a business trip and receiving an upgrade to first class (back in the days when not everybody was a frequent flyer and first class seats were more readily available). After completing my dinner I went to wipe my face and instead of grabbing my napkin on my lap I grabbed my tie. I did not realize what I had done until my tie had some spaghetti sauce on it. I noticed a guy in the aisle across from me trying to control his laughter and I immediately dropped my tie and then burst out laughing. It wasn’t one of my most proud moments.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us about a clothing mishap, please share.

Excel Tip: Named Ranges in Formulas

A significant advantage of using a named range is that you can use it a formula instead of using a set of cell addresses. To do this, press F2 to open the formula bar, start writing or editing your formula, and place the cursor where you would normally use cell addresses. On the Formula tab in the Ruler, click on Use in Formula and either select one range name from the dropdown menu or select multiple names from the Paste Name dialog

Argus Analyst Tip 5

When working with properties that have a large number of tenants, you can use the Find (Alt+F) key to locate a value within a column. It should be noted however that ACG has identified bugs in Argus in the past when we overuse the Find command. Apparently the latest patch of Argus has remedied this bug but you should be careful when using it.

Argus Analyst Tip 4

A new feature of Argus allows you to access the contents of any cell by pressing Ctrl+S in that cell. This is similar to the F2 function in Excel. We have found this particularly useful when editing tenant names or Expenses, although you can do this by double clicking on the field with your mouse. ACG’s preference is to use our keyboards more than our mice!

Job Hunting Tip #11: Cover Letter Blunders

Shockingly many candidates make ridiculously stupid mistakes on their cover letters and resumes. Let me give you one great hint: ditch the cover letter. It can only work against you. Here are some of the examples of cover letter blunders that have been sent to me in the past:

1. “I have an extraordarily eye for detail.”
2. “I have excellent finance skills and have worked on $432 million of office projects and $209 million of retail projects, totaling $661 million.”
3. “My due dilligence skills are well-honed” (notice the spelling error).
4. “I speak fluently English.”
5. “I wish to start my career with a company that allows me to utilize my degree while gaining a lot knowledge that I don’t currently have.”
6. “I want to ask am I qualified for this position given my very limited experience.”
7. “I am very detail-oriented and make sure that I dot all of my eyes.”
8. “In addition to my education, I am a really good person.”
9. “I know that I have had a lot of jobs recently but the companies I join keep going out of business.”
10. “Before I apply for your position, does you company perform a background check?”

The above makes you look pretty good as a candidate, doesn’t it!