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Argus Analyst Tip 8

When you first install Argus, the Data Size is frequently not set to be large enough to handle big buildings. Go to Options System File Operations to change the data size. We use 500,000,000. While you are on that screen you can also increase the Recently Used File List to 9 (the maximum number).

Argus Analyst Tip 7

Use the Auto Refresh feature in Argus to update your Property Library after exiting a file. You can change the default in Argus by going to Options System Appearance. This saves time from navigating around your server to locate a file on which you have previously worked.

Excel Tip: Automatically Fill a Row or Column with a Custom List of Names

Excel automatically fills a row with the names of months or weekdays when you type in the first few items in the row, then select the cells and drag the “fill handle” at the lower right corner of the selection to extend the series. If you have a series of words or names that you frequently enter by hand, create a custom autofill list. Click on File, then Options, and then Advanced. Scroll down almost to the foot of the Advanced menu. Under the General heading, click Edit Custom Lists…, and in the Customs List dialog, click New List and enter your list of words.