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Argus Analyst Tip 11

Sorting: NEVER sort within the Rent Roll. This can lead to multiple errors in Argus and sometimes could even “break” your model, and forcing you to rebuild your model from scratch. Instead, we recommend that you sort from outside the Rent Roll from the Executive Dashboard. By clicking on the Tenant dropdown and selecting Tenant Sort, you can sort the Rent Roll a couple of different ways. Including, Tenant Name, Suite, As Entered, etc. in either ascending or descending order. This will prevent you from accidentally switching something inside the Rent Roll or entering in unnecessary information.

Job Hunting Tip #15: Brush Up on your Excel Skills

Overwhelmingly, our clients are seeking highly computer-literate candidates to fill their analyst positions. It is essential that you have advanced Excel skills and that you communicate this prominently on your resume. There are many places for you to learn Excel 2010 online without having to pay for a class. Here are a few resources for you to explore:

Excel Tip: Highlight All Cells Referenced by a Formula

When you are debugging a worksheet, you can navigate through all the cells referenced in a formula. Highlight the cell and press Ctrl-[ (that’s Ctrl-open-square-bracket). Excel highlights all the cells referenced by the formula, and moves the current selection to the first of the referenced cells. Press Enter, and the selection moves to the next referenced cell, and continue to press Enter to move though the rest of the referenced cells.