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Argus Analyst Tip 13

Tenant Groups are used frequently in Argus and they are just as often inputted incorrectly due to this main reason. Argus does not recognize or connect a Tenant’s Base Term with any of the Tenant’s Option Terms.

For example, If you start your model and then make your Tenant Groups after you input the Tenant’s into the Rent Roll, then go back and add Options, Argus does not bring the Option Terms over and include them into the specific groups. We recommend that you save the Tenant Groups for last, along with Detail Reimbursement Methods because of this reason. Though, it is safe to build the “shell” of the Tenant Groups for either Reimburse After, General Vacancy Loss overrides, or even an Area Measure based on occupancy (GLOA). You can build the Tenant Group called Anchor and include them where necessary and then after fully completing the Rent Roll add all of the Tenant’s Terms into the Tenant Group.

Argus Analyst Tip 12

SF Check: A quick way to know if your model is balanced or not from inside the Rent Roll, is if the SF entered into the Rent Roll and the GLA ties out on the bottom of the Rent Roll screen. The GLA that Argus is using is the SF inputted into the Property Area Measure at the beginning of the Analysis. It is updated every time you enter in a new line into the Rent Roll without running the calculations on the model saving the time that it does take to calculate.

Job Hunting Tip #16: Include Action Words on your Resume

Frequently we review resumes that are either poorly written, formatted or phrased. One consistent error that candidates make is leading bullet points with the wrong words. Start bullets with words such as “Grew”, “Built”, “Increased”, “Developed”, “Trained”, “Supervised”, and other action words that will reinforce your value proposition and demonstrate the strength of your candidacy.

Excel Tips: Most Used Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts are essential to using Excel. Here are a few examples of easy keyboard shortcuts:
•Ctrl + 2: Bold
•Ctrl + 3: Italic
•Ctrl + 4: Underline
•Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough
•Shift + Ctrl + F: Font dropdown list
•Ctrl + 9: Hide rows
•Ctrl + 0: Hide columns
•Ctrl + Shift + (: Unhide rows
•Ctrl + Shift +): Unhide columns
•Shift + Space: Select entire row
•Ctrl + Space: Select entire column