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Job Hunting Tip #17: Leave White Space on your Resume

A recruiter quickly skims your resume.  If the document is wall-to-wall type or if your resumes is not on a single page (for more senior roles, 2 pages is satisfactory), then recruiters will not know where to look and will probably move on quickly to the next resume.  By leaving white space on the page and articulating only high-level accomplishments, you enable recruiters and employers to quickly see the key titles you have held, understand better your accomplishments, and identify your value proposition and what makes you special.  Less is more in this case.

Excel Tip: Counting Sums

The “count” and “counta” functions allow you to find the sum of numbers. The count is for numbers and “counta” for everything but numbers, such as names. To use the count function, click on the cell you want your count in, type “=count(” and then select the range of cells you want to capture. Then close the function with a closing “)” and hit Enter. To use the counta function, follow the same rules but replace “count” with “counta.”