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Resume Tip: Social Media

For the most part, one should leave social media information off of your resume.  However, more and more frequently we are searching online to get as much information about candidates as we are able.  Make sure that you stack the deck in favor of recruiters and employers finding a strong presence that makes you look dynamic and engaged.   Remember that setting your profile as “private” does not mean that employers are unable to see your main profile.  Post a professional photo, stay away from posts that are too political or religious, and make sure that you are adequately plugged into the industry by sharing interesting news.  Your social media presence should support your resume.  You won’t get hired because of your social media presence; however, you could be eliminated from contention if employers or recruiters do not approve of what they find.

Excel Tips: Removing Existing Hyperlinks

To remove a hyperlink from a cell (but keep the cell’s contents), right-click the cell and choose Remove Hyperlink from the shortcut menu. To remove all hyperlinks in a range, select the range, right-click, and choose Remove Hyperlinks. This command works even if the selection includes cells that don’t contain a hyperlink. To remove all hyperlinks on a worksheet, press Ctrl+A to select all cells. Then right-click any cell and choose Remove Hyperlinks. Depending on the location of the cell pointer, you may need to press Ctrl+A twice to select all cells.

ACG Seeking Experienced Asset Managers in Atlanta

ACG has two new openings right now for seasoned Asset Managers based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The positions require 6-8 years of experience and a very strong ability to negotiate leases with minimal oversight.  Value-add experience is a big plus.  Please give Todd Zeldin a call at 404-653-0049 or send your resume to to apply for these positions.


Excel Tips: Format Painter

Format Painter is available in all of the Office 2010 tools. It is simple to use and the perfect shortcut to redesigning cells or text to match something that you already have. The steps are quite simple:
1. Highlight any text or cell in your spreadsheet or document.
2. Click the Format Painter button, located on the Home tab in the Clipboard group on the left-most side of your screen.
3. Highlight the new text or cell.

Argus Limitation #2: Recaptures/Offsets

Under the reimbursement methods, the % rent offset must be modeled as a percentage.  It cannot be entered as a dollar amount.

WORKAROUND: None. A percentage must be determined and used.

Excel Tips: Use a Named Range in a Formula in Excel

One major convenience of a named range is that you can use it a formula instead of a set of cell addresses. Press F2 to open the formula bar, start writing or editing your formula, and place the cursor where you would normally use cell addresses. On the Formula tab in the Ruler, click on Use in Formula and either select one range name from the dropdown menu or select multiple names from the Paste Name dialog box shown here.