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Argus Limitation #4: Comparing Changing Pro Rata Shares

You cannot compare PRS or changing PRS.  Also, you  cannot detail occupied minimums for PRS.

WORKAROUND: PRS must be fixed or must calculate naturally.  In order to adjust a fixed PRS the space must be reabsorbed and a new reimbursement method is applied.

Argus Limitation #3: Lack of Flexibility Calculating Admin Fees

Under the reimbursement methods, an Admin Fee can only be charged before or after deductions for the entire model.  This cannot be adjusted based on individual tenants.

WORKAROUND: None.  The most common calculation method must be selected for the entire model.

Resume Tip: Outdated Phrases

We have seen resumes evolve over the past few years. For example, including a “stated objective” on the top of the resume used to be very common. Today, we recommend that you exclude such remarks. Isn’t your stated objective to get a good job? The most common outdated phrase that we see on resumes is “references available upon request.” This is simply a silly comment. Of course references are available. We also suggest that including an ‘Interests’ section that includes things like travel, cooking and reading is quite silly. The only non-work-related items that you should include on your resume should be those that demonstrate your competitiveness and that distinguish you from the competition. Including that you were an NCAA Division I athlete, that you were a national champion, that you made the Olympic team, and other sports-related tidbits that make you unique are the types of items that employers want to read about and that will surely promote discussion at your interview.

In sum, eliminate the fluff from your resume and focus on your expertise and skill set. Always read your resume bullet points and ask yourself if you are articulating the value that you bring to a prospective employer.



Excel Tips: Automatically Fill a Row or Column with a Custom List of Names

Excel automatically fills a row with the names of months or weekdays when you type in the first few items in the row, then select the cells and drag the “fill handle” at the lower right corner of the selection to extend the series. If you have a series of words or names that you frequently enter by hand, create a custom autofill list. Click on File, then Options, and then Advanced. Scroll down almost to the foot of the Advanced menu. Under the General heading, click Edit Custom Lists…, and in the Customs List dialog, click New List and enter your list of words.