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Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that the % rent offset under the reimbursement methods must be modeled as a percentage. It cannot be entered as a dollar amount. If your source data contains only a dollar amount, the percentage must be manually calculated before being entered into Argus.

Did you know? Argus Tips & Tricks

Did you know that ARGUS cannot calculate an annual cap any differently than a cumulative cap? The calculations are always cumulative in ARGUS.

The one question you should never ask in job interviews

According to a recent article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, hiring managers should not ask candidates to personally rate their skills.  The writer summarizes that the reason behind this flawed question is that highly skilled performers will evaluate their skills more conservatively because they are aware of more features about a program.  We always ask candidates to describe their skill set and then we issue them an actual assessment exam to determine if their self-evaluation is accurate.  We have found that more often than not, candidates boast a much greater software expertise using programs like Excel and Argus than their actual skill set demonstrates.  Interestingly, the  disparity between the self-assessment and actual assessment is greater in male candidates than female candidates, who perhaps are not as likely to brag about their skill set or are not as outwardly confident.