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Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Frequently, Suites within an Office building may be re-measured. You can detail the size of the suite by editing the cell and selecting “Detail Size.” For the Rent Roll to balance, you must also remember to detail the size of the property as a whole; select “Edit” and “Detail” for the Property Size under “Property Area Measures.”

Excel Tips: Name versus Amount

To input data beginning with zero (for a Suite number, for example), first input an apostrophe like so: ‘00724.  Otherwise, Excel will automatically delete the zero prior to the other numbers.

Best Question to ask at Job Interview

According to Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, there comes a time in every job interview when the interviewer asks, “Now do you have any questions forme ?”  This is a terrific opportunity to impress the interviewer.  Kerpen addes that the most important question you can ask is, “How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the organization’s mission?” 

We further recommend that you couch this question by articulating your value proposition.  For example, you might frame the question as the following: “My Argus and Excel skills are advanced based upon the significant amount of transaction-based work that I have been asked to do over the past couple of years.  How might these skills contribute to your overall mission?”

Entering an interview armed with these types of questions surely will distinguish you from other candidates.