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Resume Tip: Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

If you are applying for an analyst, acquisitions, asset management, or brokerage position then you should make sure that you add as many numbers to your resume as possible. For example, don’t just state that you were involved with the closing, due diligence and structuring of numerous real estate transactions. Instead, write “involved in $1.2 billion of real estate transactions including 11 strip centers, 6 office buildings and a 1.3 million SF multi-use development.” If you modeled and reviewed cash flows, state that you “built 26 Argus models totaling $165 million including 9 regional malls with complex recovery methodologies.” The more numbers that you include on your resume, the better impression you will make.

My Former Employer Sucks…NOT!

When you interview for a job, you most likely will be asked to describe your former employers. Make sure that you are positive about the job and about the person to whom you reported. I had one candidate tell me recently that his boss was having an affair and his supervisor was an idiot. No way I am hiring that person! Never talk negatively about your prior employer. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Nobody likes a complainer.