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Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that prior to editing any variable, you likely should select the “In Use” button to identify where else in Argus that variable is being applied.  Any changes made in a variable will filter throughout the entire model.  The use of the “In Use” functionality will prevent you from inadvertently changing a variable.

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that within the rent roll, Tenants labeled as “Storage” will not factor into the total square footage entered. If you have a property that includes actual Storage space, be sure to select “Office” or “Retail” instead so that the square footage for the space is properly included in your total.  This eliminates the use of 1 Square Foot tenants on your rent roll.

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Frequently, Suites within an Office building may be re-measured. You can detail the size of the suite by editing the cell and selecting “Detail Size.” For the Rent Roll to balance, you must also remember to detail the size of the property as a whole; select “Edit” and “Detail” for the Property Size under “Property Area Measures.”

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that a quick way to create various MLAs that may have variables in common is to use the Copy function and then you change only what is different. For example, you may have two MLAs that are identical other than the Market Rental Rate that they use. To copy an MLA, select “Market Leasing Assumptions” under the “Market” dropdown menu, highlight the MLA you wish to copy, and hit “Ctrl + O” to copy.  Simply change the variables as needed.

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that one way to quickly identify Reference Accounts is to label them as “REF.”  For example, “Management Fee REF” could be used for an expense that you want to set up to pass through to a tenant but that is not actually expensed (perhaps the building Management Fee expense is 3% but a lease only allows you to pass through a maximum management fee of 2%).  This comes in handy when building Detailed Reimbursements to ensure you choose the correct line item to use in your method.

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that to use shortcuts for accessing any of the drop down menus in Argus, you may click the “Alt” key and then the highlighted letter for each Menu (for example, “Alt + T” to access the “Tenant” dropdown menu).  Using the keyboard instead of your mouse will increase the speed at which you are able to complete any model.

Did you know? Argus Tips and Tricks

Did you know that the % rent offset under the reimbursement methods must be modeled as a percentage. It cannot be entered as a dollar amount. If your source data contains only a dollar amount, the percentage must be manually calculated before being entered into Argus.

Did you know? Argus Tips & Tricks

Did you know that ARGUS cannot calculate an annual cap any differently than a cumulative cap? The calculations are always cumulative in ARGUS.

Sept. Boot Camp Sold Out – 2 Left in Dec.

Just like the previous week-long Argus Boot Camps, our September 16-20 program has sold out! I was asked by a couple of clients this week why our Boot Camps are selling out even when the transaction market is still below average and the job market has shown little more than a slight improvement. I believe that the primary reasons for the program selling out include:

  • The Boot Camp is the only week-long intense training program in the country
  • CPAs receive 45 credit hours toward their CPE training requirements (and several of the people who have signed up for the program cited that as a huge advantage to take the course)
  • The program covers exclusively the components of Argus that analysts regularly use (office, retail and industrial cases, lots of time on recoveries, learning how Argus calculates, portfolio analysis, etc…) and very little time on the features that are frequently not used because Excel is a better tool (like partnerships, debt, construction budgets, multi-family).
  • We have offered a $1,000 scholarship to students to help out with the enrollment fees
  • Our instructors are fantastic and expert users of the software
  • We personalize every class and meet one-on-one with students during the week if they need additional assistance understanding specific concepts

We thank all of our clients who have sent their analytical staff to our class and who continue to refer others to us. We are humbled by the confidence that they have shown in choosing ACG to be their educational partners and look forward continuing to expand and improve our course offerings.

If you are interested in registering for our December 9-13 Argus Boot Camp, go online today at as we are confident that this class will also fill up in the next couple of weeks.

Did You Know? Argus Tips & Tricks

Did you know that under the reimbursement methods, an Admin Fee can only be charged before or after deductions for the entire model? This cannot be adjusted based on individual tenants. The input for this is found on the home screen under Options > Calculation > Detailed Reimbursement Method.