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Quality Internships – Look No Further than ACG

An article that was posted today in The Atlantic by Derek Thompson cites that the most important attribute in evaluating graduates today is the quality of internships.  Internships are almost twice as important as one’s major, three times as important as your GPA, and 5 times as important as the college reputation.  This research comes as no surprise to ACG as our internship program is the best program in the industry.  We have had more than 40 interns over the past 10 years, most of whom have experienced extraordinary success working in asset management, acquisition, development, and brokerage.  There are more than a dozen firms in Atlanta who regularly hire our interns because the interns not only have great academic credentials but have practical Argus and due diligence experience.

If you are looking to get into the industry and you need the experience of an internship program that trains and prepares you for success, consider applying for our 3-month internship program.  At the conclusion of the program, we place you with one of our clients (or we employ you ourselves).  We are now accepting applicants for our January 2017 program.  Please send your resume to

Excel Tips: Display the Actual Cell Values When Creating or Editing a Formula

Here’s how to switch between displaying the cell addresses in a formula and the actual values in each cell. Use any method that displays a formula—for example, when the formula of the current cell is visible in the formula bar, or when you’re creating a formula for the first time, or after pressing Ctrl-tilde to display formulas throughout the worksheet. In the formula you want to find out about, select the cell addresses, and press F9. The highlighted addresses are replaced by the values of all the cells referenced in the formula. Press Esc to return to normal display. The screenshot above shows a formula that normally displays the address D12:O12, but when I selected that address and pressed F9, the actual values appeared.

ACG Seeking Experienced Asset Managers in Atlanta

ACG has two new openings right now for seasoned Asset Managers based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The positions require 6-8 years of experience and a very strong ability to negotiate leases with minimal oversight.  Value-add experience is a big plus.  Please give Todd Zeldin a call at 404-653-0049 or send your resume to to apply for these positions.


Excel Tips: Get More Information from Excel’s Status Bar

It is easy to ignore the wealth of data that Office apps provide at a glance on the status bar. By default, Excel’s status bar displays the Average, Count, and Sum of the selected cells.  If you right-click on the status bar, a menu lets you customize the display. You can add, for example, the Minimum and Maximum of the currently selected items, or the “Numerical Count”—which means “the count of cells with numeric data,” as opposed to “Count,” which means “the count of cells that contain anything.”

One Spot Remaining in ACG’s Argus Week-Long Boot Camp

We have just one spot left in our week-long Argus Boot Camp program commencing August 19! For anybody who is looking to break into the industry, there is no better way to get up to speed on Argus than this program. Just read what others have said about our program:

“The Argus training offered by ACG is an absolute essential for our people, and we have insisted upon it for anyone we have hired here at Brookdale. As for the Boot Camp, both of my sons have survived it, and while I’m not sure they were crazy about the hours, the skills and proficiency they now have with Argus as a result of having gone through it have proven to be invaluable to them.”

—Chip Davidson Chairman and CEO, The Brookdale Group

“ACG’s Argus Training provides in-depth and practical training that can be immediately put to use on the job. The instructors are skilled in numerous complex techniques that can be learned to greatly enhance the accuracy of Argus models and applied to most asset types.”

—Woody Rupp American Realty Advisors Associate – Investment Group

Call Todd Zeldin today at 404-653-0049 if you are interested in this program. Given that we have 6 Argus analyst positions right now, this could be your ticket to an excellently paid position and a new career!

ACG Boot Camp Moves Forward

Although we were delayed for a little more than two days, we finally kicked off the Argus Boot Camp program Wednesday morning. We will be adding Saturday and Sunday classes in order to cover all of the material. This is truly the first “Boot Camp” experience we have had with some participants traveling more than 90 minutes to get to our offices for this class. Now that’s commitment!

Stay posted for our March 7-11 Boot Camp program (4 seats remain) and our special end of May program (dates TBD) designed specifically to accommodate people who are finished with school (MBA and non MBA) and who want an intense Argus training program before they start their summer jobs.

Zeldin offers value, doubles sales

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Riding The Ups And Downs Of The Technology Roller Coaster. Journal of Property Management

Riding The Ups And Downs Of The Technology Roller Coaster

Todd Zeldin, President
ACG Professionals, Inc.

During the late ’90s, the technology industry experienced the ride of its life. For a multitude of dot.coms, maximum thrills and chills came in the form of easy venture capital, quick profits, teenage millionaires and laid back working environments. But what goes up must come down. Beginning in late 2000 many of these thrill seekers found themselves careening out of control, their profits and companies heading for a deep descent. Despite their willingness to hang on tight a large number of these technology start-ups plunged into bankruptcy as they could only watch the floor flying out from under them.

What happened? How did the boom turn into a bust so quickly and completely? While hindsight is always 20/20 vision, the fact is that there were a number of clear trends that contributed both to the periods of expansion and decline.