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Excellent Valuation Textbook

Dr. Fisher is a superb real estate professor at Indiana University and has co-written a fantastic real estate textbook:

Jeffrey Fisher and Robert Martin
Income Property Valuation

Check it out…will be worth your time reading it, especially for those who are new to the industry.


Excel 2010 Preview

The newest version of “new” Excel (i.e., Excel 2007 which introduced the Ribbon) is in previews now as Excel 2010. Since Microsoft won’t be taking us back to “old” Excel, here’s a look at the latest version in a great article by David Ringstrom (Accounting Advisors).

Another Great Book

Check out this book…it is terrific.

David Geltner
Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investments (with CD-ROM)

Awesome Finance Textbook

For those of you who are trying to get into the industry and have not taken real estate courses, here is a great textbook:

William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher
Real Estate Finance and Investments

Job Hunting Tip #15: Perfect Your Computer Skills

Candidates who have the best computer skills (Argus, Excel, Access and Windows) are most likely to be most competitive in the marketplace. Frequently people call me about suggestions I have for them to become more proficient users of Windows and Excel. For those two programs, I strong recommend online courses because they are available and frequently free. Here are some suggested locations for you to perfect your Windows and Excel skills without paying a dime:

For Windows 7

For Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013