Excel Trivia #1

Wow your employer (current or prospective) or your peers/spouse with your Excel knowledge.  We are going to post a series of Excel Trivia questions for you and your friends to enjoy (at least this is what geeks like our analysts do on their free time)!  Here you go:

  1. In 1985, the first Microsoft Excel program was released for what operating system?
  2. What tool within Excel allows a user to split a cell’s information into several columns, either based on a fixed point or based on the occurrence of a character, such as a comma or a space?
  3. The music video for the 2002 song “Dilemma,” features one character attempting to message another via Microsoft Excel on a Nokia 9210 Communicator phone. Name the performers. 1 point for main artist; 1 point for featuring artist.
  4. Beginning with Excel 2007, the default filetype for Excel Workbooks (XML-based files) was changed to .xlsx . What was the previous file extension?
  5. What anthropomorphic object was the default “Office Assistant” introduced with Microsoft Office 1997?
  6. What is the latest in time Excel’s date range extends to?
  7. As of Excel 2016, how many functions (SUM, VLOOKUP, IF, etc.) does Excel have?
  8. What competitor of Microsoft Excel has the limitations of i) 200 tabs maximum; ii) limited functionality of shortcuts and function keys; and iii) a specific email extension is required to create a file?
  9. What fictitious date does Excel include in its programming, for the purpose of bug compatibility with earlier programs?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a Microsoft Office font: Wingdings, Gulim, Dagoosh, Gadugi?

Answers will be posted tomorrow!



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