Corporate Advisory

  • Software Selection & Implementation
  • Lease Administration & Abstraction
  • Evaluation of Current Practices & Systems
  • Document Management & Other Technology Solutions

ACG offers lease administration services from the industry’s best and brightest professionals. Our expert consultants are full-time JDs and Masters in Law, paralegals and lease administrators who provide abstracting and advisory services that give you the comfort of knowing that your real estate costs are under control. We work closely with intermediaries like lawyers, brokers and accountants to help you strategically plan for the future. And because we are independent and objective, our goals are aligned with our clients – to keep costs down and profits up.

Whether acquiring a single real property asset or an entire portfolio, ACG can assist you in understanding the risks and opportunities of your owned and leased real estate. With the efficiency of a SWAT team, our full-time professionals are ready when you are. Because we are experienced with all of the leading software programs on the market, we can assist you with evaluation and implementation of the system that will best meet your future needs.

Please contact Todd Zeldin at call 404-653-0049 or 404-964-8539 for further inquiries.