Job Hunting Tip #14: Don’t Volunteer Information Unless You Can Substantiate It

Over the past couple of months I have run into two different circumstances whereby the candidate should not have volunteered information: (1) the GPA that they had in school; (2) the salary they were earning. Frequently employers are requiring a transcript from your college (and graduate school if applicable) to not only substantiate the information that was stated on the resume but also to confirm that the discussions that occurred during the interviews are entirely valid. Likewise, if you state that you are making $65,000 per year in salary then you should indeed be making that much. Many employers will ask for a recent pay stub to substantiate this information that you are sharing. The primary reason why employers are checking on these facts has more to do with how truthful the candidates are versus the actual fact-checking of the information.

Unless you are asked specifically for this information, it is best to simply avoid discussing it at all lest you somewhat “inflate” the numbers and the opportunity with the employer disappears.

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