Job Hunting Tip #6: Horologist Should Take Time to Redo His Resume!

I received a resume this week from a candidate who was applying for an Associate Acquisition position. Although the candidate received an undergraduate degree from a top 20 school and had some excellent work experience, his resume was so poorly formatted that there is a greatly likelihood that he needs help getting dressed in the morning! Within the same bullet point there were multiple font sizes and nothing was properly aligned.

Perhaps a clue to this person’s oddity was that his resume included his hobby of “horology,” which for those of you who might not know, is the art of designing and making clocks. This person would benefit greatly to take the time (pun intended) to work on his resume. Given that his other hobbies include poetry, agriculture, and horse racing (all of which have absolutely nothing to do with applying for a real estate position other than perhaps the manure he is shoveling) and coupled with the fact that my family includes many college professors who also have some odd hobbies like metal detecting and ghost hunting, I would imagine that this person might be a terrific candidate to work on his doctorate and join a prestigious university’s faculty!

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