Quality Internships – Look No Further than ACG

An article that was posted today in The Atlantic by Derek Thompson cites that the most important attribute in evaluating graduates today is the quality of internships.  Internships are almost twice as important as one’s major, three times as important as your GPA, and 5 times as important as the college reputation.  This research comes as no surprise to ACG as our internship program is the best program in the industry.  We have had more than 40 interns over the past 10 years, most of whom have experienced extraordinary success working in asset management, acquisition, development, and brokerage.  There are more than a dozen firms in Atlanta who regularly hire our interns because the interns not only have great academic credentials but have practical Argus and due diligence experience.

If you are looking to get into the industry and you need the experience of an internship program that trains and prepares you for success, consider applying for our 3-month internship program.  At the conclusion of the program, we place you with one of our clients (or we employ you ourselves).  We are now accepting applicants for our January 2017 program.  Please send your resume to jobs@acgpro.com.

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