ACG’s Intensive Internship Program Featuring ARGUS® Software

Lease_AbstractingSince 2005 ACG has graduated 48 interns. What differentiates the ACG Internship Program from all others is the significant amount of classroom and personalized training interns receive using the ARGUS® software.

Selection into our program is intense and requires that candidates have demonstrated strong academic credentials, unparalleled work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, attention to detail, and of course impressive analytical and math skills. We scour through dozens of resumes each quarter and select only candidates who ultimately could be considered for full-time employment at ACG. If they pass the scrutiny of working for us, they surely can add value to our clients. Sometimes we have a class of two or three interns in a quarter; other times we do not have any interns as none has the background and experience that match with our desired profile.

Program Details
The program duration is 13 weeks. The program includes more than 50 hours of in-class training. Candidates are required to complete our Boot Camp curriculum (100 hours of total learning) and take a 2-day aptitude test at the conclusion of the program. Additionally, interns work hand-in-hand with our staff to understand how our clients value real estate, be it via building from scratch or updating models or providing analytical support on current due diligence assignments. Our interns also learn how to abstract and interpret office and retail leases and to review and critique financial and accounting statements associated with our standard Agreed Upon Procedures scope of work.

Midway through the program, our interns work with Todd Zeldin personally to prepare their resumes, highlight their competitive advantages, and strategize as to which firms might be the best fit for them professionally. We then contact those companies on the list to identify their interest in our candidates and schedule a series of interviews over a 4-week period of time (assuming appropriate job openings). At the end of that window of time, interns evaluate the offers they have received and we assist them with the process of identifying the best fit long-term.

Program Fees
Because of our prior success in training and placing our interns, the demand for their services generally outstrips the supply other than during tenuous economic times like the past couple of years. ACG’s clients pay ACG a recruiting or training fee should they ultimately hire an intern. Interns are not responsible for paying for the Boot Camp or any other training they receive. Interns receive a stipend split over the three-month internship.

How to Apply
Rising seniors and new graduates (with graduation dates in 2020 and 2021) are considered exclusively for our summer internship programs (June through August). All other quarters including the next internship program are open to applicants who have overall and Major GPAs in excess of 3.3 with very high math and verbal SAT scores. Business, accounting, finance, and math majors are given special priority as is graduating from top 20 universities. Locally, Georgia Tech, Emory and UGA graduates are given special consideration. Send resume.