ACG Professionals

ACG Boot Camp

Covers everything you need to know about the industry’s most widely used software.


ACG Professionals

ACG Internships

Intense training for future commercial real estate professionals who ultimately are placed with one of our clients.


ACG Professionals

Custom Courses

Quality education programs tailored to your needs.


Training from the top real estate professionals.

Training your staff is good for your business and good for your workforce. At ACG, we are committed to providing resources to help reach your objectives and make you more profitable. We offer training solutions in multiple areas that can most effectively enhance your staff.  Whether you choose our one-on-one instruction or classroom style courses, we offer tailor-made training programs to suit your needs. And, our courses are taught by leading industry instructors to ensure that the skills your employees require are mastered as quickly as possible.

Our most popular training solutions include:

  • Modeling using leading discounted cash flow software including Rockport VAL® week-long and 3-day executive Boot Camp programs.
  • Excel – Over 80 hours of content available to be customized to your company needs.
  • Financial Principles and Lease Abstracting – One-hour, two-hour or four-hour segments provide great industry training for large groups.
  • Remember, all of our classes are part of our NASBA continuing education offerings.  CPAs will receive up to 45 hours of credit for our week-long Boot Camp programs.  Additionally, ACG does not provide Software Certification using the ARGUS® software and is not affiliated with nor authorized by ARGUS Software, Inc.



“The ARGUS® software training offered by ACG is an absolute essential for our people, and we have insisted upon it for anyone we have hired here at Brookdale. As for the Boot Camp, both of my sons have survived it, and while I’m not sure they were crazy about the hours, the skills and proficiency they now have with Argus as a result of having gone through it have proven invaluable to them.”

– Chip Davidson
Chairman and CEO
The Brookdale Group